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The EU4Health ‘DDS-MAP’ project aims to develop new training provision for healthcare and allied professionals in the EU, focused on the acquisition and mastery of new digital technologies in the delivery of care services.

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COVID-19 and war in Ukraine are harbingers of a more destabilised world driven by climate change, rapid mass migration, food insecurity, state failures and epidemics. These will have significant impacts on Europe’s health systems’ infrastructure and health workforce.

The EU Pact for Health (2020) emphasises the need to improve the resilience of Europe’s health systems in such a challenging environment. Within health technology implementation there tends to be an emphasis on the technical aspects of its employment and protection with little focus on the skilling of the diverse individuals in the health workforce who use it (Wells, 2022). Because of the dynamic of change it induces, health care workforce members often find it difficult to keep constantly updated and competent in its use. This has considerable negative impact on both organisational and individual competency and wellbeing (Kaihlanen et al., 2021).

Challenge #1

Healthcare workforce often operate within an increasingly complex environment with significant organisational and personal pressures of resource constraints, workloads, and time.

Challenge #2

Issues of resources (organisational and personal) versus demands and complexity of care delivery are likely to increase in the health and allied care sectors within the European Union in the coming decades.

Challenge #3

The growing importance of disciplined shared IT systems (such as electronic records) means there is a growing emphasis on the need for multidisciplinary education amongst health care professionals.

Challenge #4

Health and allied care services are now considered critical digital infrastructure operators within the EU. This digital reliance increases the ‘attack surface’ vulnerability to disruption by external threats or internal electronic failures.

What DDS-MAP will do


The Dynamic Digital Skills for Agility and Resilience in Medical and Allied Professions (DDS-MAP) program aims to address the organizational and human challenges arising from the ubiquitous use of digital and electronic technologies in the multi-disciplinary health care environment across the EU.

For Whom

DDS-MAP will deliver knowledge and skills training to the health workforce (specialized doctors who work in the hospital services, nurses, non-clinical workforce - including those professions that work in allied healthcare NGOs)


To empower them to deal with the considerable complexities posed by the expansion of digital health care technologies and information systems referenced to emerging health care challenges, cyber security, and resilience building, both organizational and personal.

DDS-MAP Concept

A holistic approach to deliver digital skills training for healthcare professionals

Build common skills content platform to meet the discipline specific needs of hospital doctors, nurses and non-clinical staffs.

Promote micro-credential framework to facilitate learners' engagement

Assess Virtual Reality

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