DDS-MAP consortium aims to produce tangible outputs based on DDS-MAP’s core concept of development of a core module content that can then be localised to discipline specific needs is informed by the recommendations of the European Commission’s Blueprint – Digital Transformation of Health and Care for the Ageing Society.

1. Pan European Survey Instrument

A comprehensive EU-wide survey for individual and organisational self-assessments of digital literacy, resilience, service delivery and sustainability targeting towards healthcare workers and allied professionals.

2. Common module platform

Module 1: Digital Competency.
Module 2: Current and Emerging Issues in Healthcare.
Module 3: Digital healthcare implementation.
Module 4: Train the trainers to develop personal well-being.

3. Micro credentials framework

Utilising the already existing framework for micro credential learning, assessment and accreditation DDS-MAP project develop the first pan European micro credential framework that encompasses multi-disciplinary and integrated disciplinary learning accreditation with health care. This will be done through consultation between the DDS-MAP HEIs referenced to their own accrediting processes and consultations with national health care professions regulators, professional associations and service providers.

4. Virtual reality-based assessment of the training

Assessment of Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies to demonstrate feasibility and usability related to very specific identified digital skills of healthcare worker and allied professionals.

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